A view of an eco-friendly home's living room area with plenty of plants and wood elements.

Homebuyers are more concerned about the environment than they have ever been. They are looking for environmentally friendly homes with as many green features as possible. So why not take it a step further and stage your property in an environmentally responsible manner? After all, this will benefit the environment while also demonstrating how environmentally conscious you are as a homeowner. Whether you’re new to sustainable living or a seasoned supporter, there are several ways to make your home stand out while still aiming to help the planet thrive. This is where our seven eco-friendly home staging ideas may help.

1. Assess and fix up your home with eco-friendly methods

Before any home staging, whether it’s eco-friendly or not, it is essential to assess your home. This is done by walking around your house, noting any flaws you may wish to fix, and finding sustainable ways to do so. These flaws can be damages or areas you want to make more eco-friendly before showcasing it to potential buyers. Because buyers will see everything you’ve overlooked, don’t let minor cosmetic flaws be the reason someone rejects your home. Fix what can be fixed easily using sustainable methods. If you cannot do it yourself, hire a contractor who knows and uses sustainable construction techniques and materials. Lastly, if you find affordable and easy ways to add more eco-friendly benefits to your home, do so before staging.

In the back, a light gray couch with throw pillows, and in the foreground, a white coffee table with many potted plants.

2. Declutter and clean your home wisely

Decluttering your home will enable you to live a simpler and more environmentally conscious lifestyle. It will also aid you in the staging of your home. First, choose which items you still require and which you do not. Things you no longer need can be donated, given away, recycled, or sold. Make an effort to keep these items out of your trash to limit the amount of waste in hazardous landfills.

Afterward, utilize eco-friendly packing for items that you wish to take with you when you relocate. Relocations come with a lot of waste, so it’s important to do this sustainably. And make sure to remove any personal items and decorations that resemble your style. You want potential homebuyers to think of your property as an empty canvas that they can decorate themselves. Finally, you will need to clean your home thoroughly. Use natural cleaning solutions like eco-friendly vinegar to do this step.

3. Change up your bulbs if you haven’t already

Traditional incandescent bulbs are incredibly harmful to the environment. So if you haven’t already, make the switch to LED and halogen lighting. Such light bulbs last longer and use less energy, making them a more sustainable choice. When switching out bulbs, do not forget about your outdoor bulbs. Additionally, if you want to add more eco-friendly solutions, place these new bulbs in lamps made from biomaterials. If you follow these steps, you’ll be able to confidently respond to questions from buyers regarding the lighting options you’ve chosen to be more environmentally conscious.

An old lightbulb filled with some dirt and a plant growing out of it, representing eco-friendly home staging ideas.

4. Display your energy-efficient appliances

While home staging advice often suggests putting most of your appliances away to make your kitchen appear less cluttered, this isn’t always the best approach. After all, it would be a shame not to show off your energy-efficient appliances with the “Energy Star” rating. A potential homebuyer will undoubtedly notice these appliances on your kitchen counter when they visit your home. Show homebuyers any additional ecologically friendly solutions you have in place, such as your tap with flow restrictions. The more information you can provide a house buyer about the energy-saving measures you’ve implemented, the easier it will be to sell your home.

5. Incorporate as many eco-friendly goodies

Even small details can make a huge difference when it comes to eco-friendly house staging. Even though appliances and overall sustainable solutions are fantastic to highlight, don’t overlook the small everyday items. For example, place bamboo cotton swabs on top of the bathroom sink or natural deodorant on the dresser. It is important to show just how many items you have that are sustainable in one way or another. These items can be everyday necessities like those listed above, or they can even be unique decor pieces you might have lying around. Furthermore, this is another way to add more eco-friendly staples into your home without it burning a hole in your wallet. Do your research, purchase small items to showcase, and your property will undoubtedly attract the attention of those looking for a truly green home.

A bathroom sink with many sustainable staples such as bamboo toothbrushes

6. Make a note of all the changes you’ve done to make your home eco-friendly

When presenting your property, you will most likely forget some of its green aspects. To avoid this, create a list of all of them and the benefits they provide. Write this list in a recycled paper or bamboo notepad that potential buyers can glance at when examining your home, or create a digital version you can freely distribute. Depending on your situation, you may have made many adjustments, so make a note of everything you’ve used to create your eco-friendly home. Include the low toxicity of the paint used, the sustainability of your floors, and your eco-friendly water filtering system. If possible, provide adequate proof of these claims to get their trust.

7. Remove odor in a sustainable way

If your home has a foul odor, potential buyers will remember it no matter how perfect your home may look. In some circumstances, this may even dissuade buyers from purchasing your house because smells might indicate various problems, such as mold, or they may not be thrilled about the lingering pet odor. If you’ve fixed issues causing bad smells, but there is still a residual odor, don’t worry; you can still make your home smell divine. However, do not utilize hazardous ingredients in air fresheners when doing so. Candles manufactured from non-GMO soy or ethical beeswax scented with essential oils are better alternatives. Another solution is to diffuse essential oils. They’ll make your house smell fantastic while also providing other health benefits.

By following these eco-friendly home staging ideas, you will be ready to follow our green relocation tips before you know it. A new chapter in your life awaits.