Person holding a green plant as an example of how to teach your children about sustainability.

We all know our planet is in grave danger, and it needs our help. That’s why we need to start practicing a more eco-friendly way of living. This is a fantastic opportunity to introduce your children to sustainability and everything that goes with it. This is not an easy subject, so we understand if you don’t know how and where to begin. Fortunately, children are extremely curious and eager to learn. Therefore, if you make it fun – they’ll be excited to save our planet. That’s exactly what you want! So, if you wish to turn your family green, here are some exciting ways to teach your children about sustainability.

Boys holding 'save the planet' signs.

Sort your waste

Sorting waste is something everybody should start doing. This can be the first step of becoming green. This may sound boring, but you can make it extremely fun for your children. Purchase containers made of biodegradable plastic and divide them into sections to make recycling easier. Make 4 different sections – glass, paper, cans, and plastic. You can even ask your children to draw a recycling sign. This is a great way to teach your children about sustainability, and it can turn into a fun family game everybody will enjoy.

Plant a garden with your children

Gardening at an early age helps children understand the life cycle of living things. It also teaches children responsibility for something that is alive and provides them with a strong understanding of the environment required to sustain life. So, it’s no wonder children thrive in gardening activities. Giving them an early love of horticulture instills a healthy appreciation for nature and the environment. Additionally, they will be excited to see something they planted grow into a plant they can eat. This can even make them try and eat some vegetables they didn’t like. So, it’s a win-win situation for everybody!

A girl watering a garden.

Let your kids play outside every day

Letting your kids experience the outside world and its beauty is the best way to teach them about sustainability. If they’re surrounded by nature, you can talk about why it is so important. You can use this opportunity to explain to them that trees are our planet’s lungs. They will connect with the environment and understand why they have to take care of it.

Additionally, playing outside is crucial for our children’s health. They have to be in the fresh air every day and not in front of the computer all day long. Bring a few fun toys to the park and let nature be their playground!

Plant a tree

When in the park with your children, plant a tree! This is a fun activity your little one will love. Let your children pick the tree they want to plant. If possible, you can even let them choose the park in which they want to do this. Bring the tools, and let the fun begin! You can even make a fun picnic day out of it. Additionally, if you explain to them that trees are the lungs of our dear planet, they will be happy to make it breathe again. This is definitely one of the most exciting ways to teach your children about sustainability.

Make arts and crafts from reusable material you have at home

We all know how creative kids are. Their imagination is limitless, so why not put it to good use? You can put together a fun arts and crafts table in their room (or somewhere in the house) and start playing with reusable items you can find at your home. Use things like old clothes and kraft paper, or even make your own paint. The possibilities are endless, and your children will always find a way to turn these things into something extraordinary. You can also use this moment to teach them about the materials you’re using and why they are good for our environment.

A kid making a sustainable arts & crafts project.

Use sustainable everyday items

The easiest way to teach your children about sustainability is by incorporating eco-friendly items into their daily lives. You can do this by switching to bamboo brushes and reusable straws. Turning sustainability into a habit and daily routine is extremely important. This will show them they can save the planet every day by doing very little. Additionally, they will learn that being green is something everybody can do. These little habits they learn as children will make a significant impact on them throughout their lives.

Collect rainwater

Collecting rainwater is not only fun for your children but also budget-friendly. Many local governments offer reimbursement programs for water redistribution and rain barrels, so make sure to check with yours.

Not many people know this, but you can do so much with the rainwater once you boil it. You can use it for drinking, cooking, making ice cubes, watering your plants and vegetables, etc. It’s also highly efficient and exciting for your children. They can help you collect it and then water your little garden with it. It will definitely be a fun but teachable activity for them, and a financial relief for you.

Are you planning to move? Do it green!

Moving is something every family goes through at least once. So, whether you’re planning on taking this huge step or not, you can teach your children about sustainability when it comes to relocation. And yes – there is a green way to do this. Here are some things you should mention:

  • Use reusable packing materials such as cardboard boxes and bins made of reusable plastic.
  • Choose an eco-friendly moving company who’s using biodegradable materials and biodiesel instead of regular gas.
  • Don’t throw away the packing materials you used – instead, make a yard sale or use these things for arts and crafts project; your children will enjoy this.

Involve your children in this process as much as you can. They love to participate in ‘grown-up’ activities. They will feel helpful and motivated to learn. Additionally, this whole moving situation will be easier for them!

Are you ready to go green?

As you can see, there are some pretty fun and exciting ways to teach your children about sustainability. They don’t have to be challenging or expensive. Introducing your children to an eco-friendly lifestyle is all about teaching them to love and care about our planet. The easiest way to succeed in this is to let them participate in these green activities and have fun along the way. Show them it’s not hard to be sustainable, but easy and pleasant. Good luck!