You get instant access to millions of customers

As an Eco-Seller, whenever you start selling your products on a will automatically have access to all its customers — without having to spend any money on marketing.

You benefit from the reach of the marketplace

No one might know your brand or your products, but on Ecorigem you only need to worry about the internal rankings, do what you do best and you don’t need to convince people to come to your actual website.

You gain an instant level of trust

By selling on Ecorigem you benefit from all its marketing and brand-building expenses. People trust the marketplace, so they will automatically also trust you.

Starting is simple and quick

The marketplace will take care of much of the hassle of selling online for you: design, hosting, processing of orders, financial transactions and marketing — you save a lot of time and money.

Internationalization is built-in

Marketplace operates internationally. So whenever you start selling your products on one, you get the option to expand your reach with minimal effort to other countries as well.

You can gain access to new audiences

Thanks to the prevalence of marketplaces, you will find a lot of different types of people browsing them. So you can dive deep into your niche and sell to people who might otherwise never have known you.

It can be an additional marketing channel

When you already have a strong brand or you just want to get your name out a little more, marketplaces can be just the place to get people interested in your products and your brand.

Ecorigem can be a testing ground

Do you want to know just what people are willing to spend on a specific product? Or do you have a surplus product or want to introduce a brand new item? Why not use an Eco-Marketplace instead of your own eco-shop (web-based).

You don’t need a separate 

By selling in a marketplace you can dip your toe in the waters of e-commerce without being forced to make advance investments into the set-up, design and marketing of your own.

There’s much more to learn about selling on Niche Marketplaces.