Items you use to live a more green life

So, you decided to live more eco-friendly? Great! Don’t know where to start? No worries! The important thing is that you have a will for this type of change. Fortunately, there are many small things you can do as an individual that can help our planet. And if you’re feeling a little bit overwhelmed by all these options – that’s completely normal. Everybody feels the same at the beginning. That’s why we’re here to help you set this green journey of yours in the right direction. We made a carefully curated list of simple changes you can make to live a more green life. So, if you’re looking for some eco-friendly guidelines, let’s start!

Recycle & Donate

One of the simplest ways to live a more green life is by recycling and donating. These two eco-friendly activities are practically a must. And, fortunately, they are pretty simple. When it comes to recycling, you can start dividing your trash into plastic, glass, paper, and metal. If you have kids, this can be a fun green game for them as well. Nowadays, there are recycling bins on practically every corner, so this will help you practice eco-friendliness every day.

Donating is also easy. We all have a bunch of stuff that we don’t need. Actually, we even have things we completely forgot we own. So, invest some time going through all your stuff and see what you can donate. There are always those in need who could use this stuff. If there is anything that you can’t donate but can recycle – make sure to do so!

Oh, and if you want to keep some stuff but want to make some extra space in your house, you can always rent a storage unit. Going green in your storage unit is actually pretty easy, and, as you can imagine, green storage comes with a lot of benefits. So, this is another step you can make when starting to live a more green life.

A woman recycling.

Ditch disposable cups, plastic bags & straws

We have a habit of buying Starbucks coffee in disposable cups and with plastic straws. We also usually buy plastic bags when we go grocery shopping. Well, it’s time to change these habits because they are doing a lot more harm to the environment than you think. We suggest buying a travel mug for your coffee and reusable silicone straws. While you’re at it, make sure to get a hold of a water bottle as well! Furthermore, say goodbye to plastic bags while shopping – you can get an eco-friendly cotton tote bag in any design and style. So, you can be both green and fashionable while shopping for food!

Shop locally

One of the best simple changes you can make to live a more green life is definitely shopping locally. By doing this, you’ll get a chance to eat healthy, fresh produce every single day. In addition, you’ll support small local businesses to thrive. And the best part is – you’ll help our environment. So, this simple change has three significant benefits that will make you a better person and this planet a better place for all of us. It doesn’t get better than that, right?

Fruit and vegetables in basket.

Eat less meat

“The livestock sector accounts for 9 percent of CO2 deriving from human-related activities but produces a much larger share of even more harmful greenhouse gases. It generates 65 percent of human-related nitrous oxide, which has 296 times the Global Warming Potential (GWP) of CO2.”

This statement by the United Nations is pretty scary. Therefore, eating less meat, or none at all, is another way to lead a more eco-friendly life. Fewer livestock areas mean fewer gas emissions and more green spaces for everyone.

Reduce electricity consumption in your home

This change is pretty obvious, but we must mention it anyway. Becoming more energy-efficient has two benefits – it helps our planet, and it reduces your monthly energy bills. So, the first step of becoming more energy-efficient is to turn off the lights when you’re not using them. Additionally, turn off all the devices and appliances when you’re done with them!

We also suggest choosing a more eco-friendly lighting solution. So, the next time you need lightbulbs, make sure to look for a more eco and efficiency-friendly brand. Use a fluorescent light to replace your outdated bulb. CFL bulbs may last up to five times longer and consume significantly less energy than traditional incandescent lights. They’re also brighter, so you might even be lucky to use fewer lightbulbs in your home!

Use public transportation

Hazardous carbon emissions from our cars are one of the main reasons for climate change. That’s why ditching your car and relying on transportation is not only reasonable but necessary. Moreover, if you live in a smaller town where everything’s within walking distance, use that opportunity to lose transportation altogether! Walking to your work or to the local farmers’ market is definitely better than using your car or a bus. If you have a bike – even better! It’s better for you and the environment. So, it’s a win-win situation.

People on a metro station.

Repair – don’t replace

Have you ever tried to fix something before throwing it away? Or is your first thought, Well, I’ll just buy a new one? Probably the second one, right? This is because we live in a throwaway society. We’re pretty quick to throw away something that’s broken just so we get a new one. Rarely will anyone bother with actually fixing it.

Well, if you want to live a more green life, you’ll have to stop doing this. Practically everything can be repaired. And if you don’t know how to do it, you probably know someone that does. So, to save our landfills from overflowing with litter that’s not even biodegradable – repair, don’t replace!

Final thoughts

There are many things you can do to live more eco-friendly. However, you should start with baby steps. That’s why we gave you the list of simple changes you can make to live a more green life. This is something everybody can easily do on a daily basis. As a plus, you’ll definitely have fun practicing all these activities. You know what they say – significant change starts with small steps. So, make sure yours count!