It’s summer, and many of us want to take advantage of the nice weather to be outside – picnics in the park, afternoons at the beach, weekends in national parks – always with delicious food and refreshing drinks. But how can we enjoy nature and be sustainable? If you’re tired of outdoor events that look more like a trash fest than a good time, it’s time to change the scene and embrace the sustainable eco-friendly way of life!


1- Embrace Eco-Chic: Stylish Steps

We’re already starting with the small bags. The basics begin by getting rid of those piles of plastic bags that only last for one use and sometimes can’t even hold up, leaving us with our belongings on the ground. Fashion and cute option here. Fabric totes and bags have much more charm and personality, and you know that both you and the environment are better off using them!

2-Bidding Farewell to Disposables

Say goodbye to plastic ! Let’s embrace sustainability and eco-friendliness through a simple change. Introducing Infiniddy’s reusable cutlery—an elegant alternative. Imagine savoring your meal with stainless steel utensils and durable cups, leaving behind the flimsy disposables. Like This Silicone Reusable Straw, or This awesome earth-friendly cup made of coffee grounds.

3-Eco-Friendly Décor Without the Drama

How about swapping out the usual balloons for illustrations? Special designs that can adorn the venue, and later, guests can take them home as a memento of this special day? This way, the space becomes personalized, and nature also expresses its gratitude, you can get some some unique digital illustrations from our catalog Here

4-Playtime with a Sustainable Twist


Tag, you’re it! Remember hide and seek? Childhood games didn’t require batteries, and neither do you. Embrace zero waste for 100% guaranteed laughter. When it comes to activities like painting and crafting, opt for reusable materials. Unleash your inner eco Picasso and showcase your creativity while treading lightly on the environment.

5-Invitations Go Digital

Bid farewell to paper invitations! Say hello to electronic invites that won’t clutter mailboxes. By choosing this route, not only are you saving trees, but you can also customize each invite to match the vibe of your party perfectly. Here’s a bonus tip: Get ready for a surprise factor that’s truly out of this world.

Credit for content and creation by: Danielle Bumajny