Eco-friendly reputation is everything and we get it!


Hey, so at Ecorigem we know one thing for sure. And, it is that your seller’s reputation is everything. In an online marketplace, be it Ecorigem, eBay, Etsy or Amazon, reputation can make or break a business. 

Did you know that 91% of under 35s trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations? That’s insane, right? Well, it has its logic. When online shopping, customers need to be able to trust a brand and reviews serve as a reference. 

In fact, 80% of the same people have written an online consumer review themselves. As the market saturates, consumers become more desperate to find a reputation of both a product and company before making any purchase. 

Those numbers are pretty staggering. 

There’s no doubt a seller’s reputation is important and it’s even more crucial in an environmentally friendly marketplace. 

Consumers are as a matter of fact willing to pay more for a quality product if they are positive that is 100% eco-friendly and that the merchant can be trusted. These people are very conscious and won’t just buy anything. They will look for proof, such as the origin of materials and usability while checking which companies are eco-friendly. 

Let’s be frank, online commerce is filled with opacity, mistrust, and deception. Therefore, we can’t blame the buyers by being so picky. Online purchases make it hard to determine real quality.

Having said all that, sellers are frightened of bad reviews and spend a lot of time on damage control when reputation takes a hit. Hence, brands guard their reputation with their lives. On the flip side, If your brand commands respect, all of the hard work is done for you. Ecorigem allows sellers to actively manage their marketplace reviews and reputation.

So, let’s explore what makes a great seller reputation and how to manage your eco-friendly position with Ecorigem. 

What makes a great reputation on Ecorigem?

Here is our checklist for making sure your reputation will be safe and sound, while you answer the question of where to sell eco-friendly products. 

Our checklist for listing products on Ecorigem: 

1. High-Quality Materials

Having a high-quality product is the most important aspect of a brand’s reputation. 

With faulty, poor performing or nondurable products, your reputation quickly deteriorates. No amount of reliability or customer service will negate the holes left by inadequate products. We pick our sellers carefully and it is important for us that you benefit from quality too. 

2. Do what you promised to do

Doing what you say your going to do and delivering on promises builds trust with consumers. Reliability is a simple concept but really damages a brand if it is not consistent. Carelessly delivering the wrong items or late delivery can be immensely frustrating for customers, and you don’t want them taking their frustration out on your reputation. Thankfully, we are here to guide you through. 

3. Transparency is everything

Transparency is one of our top values and is of particular importance when dealing with eco-friendly products making it key to your success as a seller on Ecorigem. 

Greenwashing brands have come under increasing pressure and customers expect transparent traceability with their products. 

Adding clear labeling to your products and having a proper certification for your brand helps to build your reputation as a transparent trustworthy eco-friendly company. A company with an accredited open supply chain, manufacturing, and work practices can quickly build strong brand loyalty. 

4. Integrity 

Our value No. 2. When dealing with damage control, honesty goes a long way. Actually, customers don’t want excuses or future benefits for a mistake. Instead, they want companies to accept and apologize for problems along with fixing any mistakes. You can even find that honesty allows you to turn potentially damaging issues into a positive experience for a customer. As a seller, you cannot delete comments or edit ratings. This means you need to delight your customers every time. Yep, that’s the deal folks. Top rated and best-selling products on Ecorigem will be shown on the homepage of the marketplace, so there is a good insensitive to be best at what you do!

Do you feel that you have what it takes to be a killer Eco-friendly seller? Register your details and be a part of the movement. Stay Green! 

If you’re not quite sure that you can hit it off yet, you’ll be able to try our future affiliate programme, coming very soon.