Sharing our passion with eco-friendly sellers and buyers.

We believe in a real marketplace with integrity.

Just like in an environment, every little thing matters in creating the perfect balance.

With Ecorigem that includes the seller and the buyer, they are the kings of our jungle! We only choose to work with people like you who are passionate about what they do with real intentions. 

You’re passionate about the way you live your life, and you’re not alone.

More than 60% of younger consumers closely consider a company’s ethical values and authenticity before buying their products.

We’re with you on this, Ecorigem is here for the long run so it is important to us to share our passions and values with you 🙂

So, let’s get started with the most basic things for us…


Ecorigem eco-friendly marketplace values



We’ve entered the decade of transparency where trust is essential between buyers and sellers. Demand for complete transparency is on the rise especially when it comes to eco-friendly products. Consumers want to see where products are coming from and how they are made. 

How do we know this? Because 73% of consumers say they will pay more for a product with total transparency.


Ecorigem is fully committed to complete transparency from the way we operate to products offered, to the tamperproof online review system and every step we make. We promise transparency.




Integrity is honesty, strength, and commitment meaning it makes an integral part of our core values. Without it how can we remain a 100% eco-friendly marketplace? For you to trust Ecorigem we understand that it is crucial to follow through on all of our promises. In fact, it’s so crucial that 81% of people now ‘must be able to trust a brand to do what is right

Laying out our values, our moral code guides what we do, how we operate and what you think of us. That means no cutting corners, committing wholeheartedly to the cause and respecting you.

We promise integrity.







Consciousness in Eco-friendly marketplace


Conscious consumerism is on everyone’s mind these days, especially with respect to sustainability. In 2019, a survey in the UK concluded that 75% of the public are consciously modifying their choices we shopping and eating.

The conscious consumer needs a conscious marketplace, right? At Ecorigem we think closely about everything we do and how it affects our environment. Our eco-friendly marketplace is conscious of its operations, products, sellers, and customers.

We promise consciousness.



Environment Empower ECo-friendly


People are empowered now more than ever before, the internet has created a different way of living our lives, including the way we shop. Access to a deep web of information, connected to the wider world, an abundance of choice, as consumers no longer do we take what we’re given.

Ecorgiem is here for you and is about bringing together shoppers and sellers who care about our world. Part of what we do is listening to customers to understand what you really want. 

More than this we strive to empower you to lead an eco-friendly life by giving you the best selection of eco-friendly products.

We promise to be empowering.



Diversity eco-friendly


Online marketplaces have enjoyed a stunning rise over the past decade. One word sums up the very best of the best. Diverse. You can get anything and everything at the touch of a button. 

That’s important in the modern world and something we’re delivering at Ecorigem, scouring the world for eco-friendly sustainable products. Everything you need for an everyday sustainable lifestyle from the biggest eco-friendly marketplace.

We promise diversity.




Giving Environment


Together we are stronger. It is important to understand that to make a real impact on the world we must collaborate with others. Everyone must work together to influence the world and create large scale change.

Ecorigem is always looking for ways to give back. Right from the off we’ve been donating part of profits to some amazing projects. This is something we want to do without costing or affecting customers. It’s simply another great thing about shopping on Ecorigem.

We promise to give. Yes, we’ll break our heads to give 😀 But, we will!


Few, that’s some high standards but ones we feel passionate about. Values that guide Ecorigem in every step forward it takes, to help buyers, sellers and the environment.

To become a seller.