As an Eco-Friendly business, we are not only offering eco-products and articles in order to bring awareness, but we are also donating part of our profit to these amazing projects.

4ocean is a global movement actively removing trash from the ocean and coastlines while inspiring individuals to work together for cleaner oceans, one pound at a time. 

By purchasing a 4ocean bracelet, you will remove one pound of trash from the ocean & coastlines.

#breakfreefromplastic is a global movement envisioning a future free from plastic pollution. Since its launch in September 2016, nearly 1,500 organizations from across the world have joined the movement to demand massive reductions in single-use plastics and to push for lasting solutions to the plastic pollution crisis. These organizations share the common values of environmental protection and social justice, which guide their work at the community level and represent a global, unified vision.

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Will this come at a cost to me?

No, this will not cost anything for our buyers or sellers. It’s simply another great thing about selling and shopping on Ecorigem.

By taking part in these innovative initiatives, Ecorgiem is setting a great example for other brands working to be more sustainable.

We recognize that if we want to make a real impact on the environment we must work in partnership with others to create a movement of large scale positive change. And big changes don’t come easily.