We are a real deal eco-friendly marketplace!

We’re a friendly bunch here at Ecorigem. In fact, shopping with Ecorigem makes you a friendly citizen of the world too.It makes you eco-friendly, like our marketplace.  Ecorigem brings you the best eco-friendly products on the planet, helping improve your life while protecting animals, oceans and nature.


To fulfill our mission of becoming entirely eco-friendly zero waste and sustainable platform that teaches others, we’re on an endless search for all types of products that fit our stringent criteria – eco-friendly, biodegradable, sustainable, affordable and scalable.


And not only that, we’re also supporting organizations that are saving our planet, and donating part of our profits to help sustain their amazing work.


Restoring our world is what the new generations want with gen Z set to become the next drivers of change, hot on the heels of Millennials. 

An interesting stat, over 60% of 20 to 30 year olds are more likely than any other generation to pay extra for eco-friendly or sustainable products.


What does eco-friendly really mean?

Eco-friendly has become a buzzword in recent years, often branded about too easily. Sometimes it feels over-complicated, murky and just downright confusing.

Well, if you can buy it on Ecorigem then it is 100% eco-friendly. After asking hundreds of people, we have defined what is considered to be earth-friendly and part of our eco-platform.

To us, eco-friendly is simple. It means not harming the environment. Not endangering animals, natural habitat or human environments. A healthier living for all species on this earth big or small.  Products that use materials of quality and meeting some of the following green characteristics:

Reuseable – A reusable product is something that can be used time and time again. Creating sustainable items requires incredible durability that lasts years if not a lifetime.


Not Single-Use – Disposable products have caused the death of sustainability. From food packaging to fashion, the world is waking up to past more eco-friendly habits that keep trash out of landfills.


Recyclable – Once a product has been reused as much as possible it must be recyclable. This means making a new product out of the materials. Recycled fibres and materials are incredibly eco-friendly as they create a closed-loop circular product that is never disposed of.


No Animal Abuse – Being friendly to the environment includes animals. Products must not create any suffering to animals or destruction of their habitat.


Biodegradable – Natural fibres are the dream if sourced in an eco-friendly manner. Sustainably grown natural fibres are heralded for ecology as they are biodegradable. This means at the end of their life they can be returned to nature with no damaging effects.

What is really eco-friendly?

Can plastic be eco-friendly?


The industry has made great innovations and improvements towards bio-plastic, but still a bit expensive to buy these days. They are biodegradable plant based plastics from several kinds of plants, like Corn, Wheat, Bamboo, Rice, Hemp and as demands increases prices should go down as well. It would be a dream if we could magically eradicate the problem of plastic overnight but this isn’t going to happen. 


As much damage as plastic has done, it wouldn’t be right just to forget about it, after all, it is not going anywhere quickly.

Plastic can still be eco-friendly is certain circumstances. One example of this is recycling plastics into fibres in order to create incredibly durable clothing.

There so much plastic already in existence that it would be wasteful just to dump it all in landfills. Let’s use what we’ve already got. In fact, in many ways, recycled plastics are the ultimate in sustainability as they can last a lifetime without needing to be replaced.


What we don’t want is any fresh plastic in the world, let’s reduce, reuse and recycle what we already have.


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